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About Anton

Hi interested reader, thanks for delving into the about me section of my site, I'll attempt to give some background info about myself without being pretentious and certainly without using the third person! 

 I am a California based biologist and photographer with a particular interest in Neotropical Herpetology (study of reptiles & amphibians).  My interest in photography started as a sort of life log of animals encountered but before I knew it I was having almost as much fun crafting the images as finding the wildlife!  My work as a biologist took me to interesting places and put me in close contact with a great variety of fantastic species and it seemed logical that I use photography to share the wildlife with as wide of an audience as possible. I strive to photograph animal behavior particularly that of poorly known species. I also enjoy documenting the vast understudied biodiversity of our planet as well as attempting to shed light on scientific research and conservation issues.    

I've had some moderate success in nature and wildlife photography competitions and have gotten a bit of recognition here and there, but this is far eclipsed by the number of competitions I have entered and lost! Nonetheless, I suppose I'm an (sometimes) award winning nature photographer. My images have been published in a variety of magazines, books, and articles and I'd love to keep the trend going. If you have need of particular images that you think I might have but don't appear on this website please contact me. 

All images are available for licensing.  I currently allow free use of images with credit in scientific (peer reviewed) journal publications with prior permission.  Please contact me directly for permission.  I can best be contacted through the 'contact' button or via Antonsrkn@gmail.com